Parents, Be Present

Life is short. So is our time with our kids. There won’t always be dirty diapers, temper tantrums and back-talking. Even in those moments, it’s important for us as parents…to be present.

Own What You Know

Every Monday I text all three of my kids in a group text. They’re older now – 31, 25 and 16. I know. Yeah, big age differences. That’s a story for another time. My youngest just got a phone in August. Each kid had to wait until they were 16 before they got a phone….

From Guantanamera to Sunny

Guantanamera? The Sandpipers? Ahh, the music of my youth that began my lifelong love relationship with music. It helps to have a song with your name too.

Where Do You Dwell?

Why do people do what they do? Why do they say what they say? What our minds focus on is quite often where we dwell.

Hello, Is This Thing On?

A new adventure can be exciting and scary sometimes. Leaving the comfort of sports, for me, is a leap of faith.

Standing Up As I Am

Being a Christian isn’t what some make it out to be. A Christian is not perfect in and of themselves. But, a Christian has to recognize that first before they can help others. So, here I am standing up as I am.