The Timing Principle

When you’re overdue, hot and miserable waiting isn’t easy. As I found out, however, the timing principle isn’t easy…especially while blubbering.

Dead Car Miracle

Miracles do happen. Because of a dead car, my daughter and grandson are still alive.

Happiness Is…

What is happiness? Life is short. But, it can get complicated. When it does, we need to find perspective. Happiness is…

Questioning Our Worth

Heard the old saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? That saying is so wrong because words do hurt. And sometimes they can get us questioning our worth.

Finding Love, Identity In Arizona

Identity comes from knowing who you are in the here and now. But, it also helps to understand where you came from. A recent trip to Arizona reminded me of love and identity.

The Darkness of Thought

Thinkers think. Sometimes too much. That’s when the darkness of thought becomes the enemy within. Peace, be still!

Book Review: One Blood

“One Blood” by Dr. John Perkins should be required reading for anyone that calls themselves a Christian. It is a wake up call for the American Christian church and the “subject” of race relations.

Don’t Let The Pain Win

Don’t let the pain win was the title of the sermon in my head. Then, I thought about Wayne Newton. Why? Read.

The Source of Our Discontent

A song from the 80’s is still relevant today. That’s what happens when we don’t acknowledge the source of our discontent.

What’s Your Word?

Every January 1, resolutions are easy to make. And, write about. But, come May? Well, that’s different.
To succeed in resolutions or goals, maybe what’s needed is just a simple word: What’s Your Word?