Sunny Cadwallader – Thinker, Writer, Speaker

Ever go to someone’s about page expecting something that wows and dazzles you. I mean they have put together a description that defies logic. It moves you to tears or you bust a gut laughing so hard. Their way with words is smooth and almost magical.

Yeah, this isn’t one of those.

I think. A lot.

I write. A lot.

I speak. Mostly to myself, but when I do speak to crowds of any size…..well…I don’t put them to sleep.

That’s a win!

Much like the photo (I took that, btw) I’m “in progress”. Aren’t we all? Too many times, however, people stay stuck. Stuck in the same thinking and writing bubbles they’ve always had. I’m not that.

My brain runs 100 mph – always thinking, analyzing, meditating, praying, wondering and, truth be told, worrying. Worrying is a nasty, nasty habit that doesn’t do any good for your mind, body or soul. I’m trying to do less of that and more of the other stuff.

But, I’m a work in progress. Having worked in the corporate, start-up and self-employed worlds, I’ve learned a thing or two-thousand plus about business, people and relationships. I still have a long way to go on that front, however.

After writing about sports for most of the past decade, I see a need for something different.

There are a lot of hurting people in this world, many of whom either don’t realize it or don’t want to know or they don’t know how to address it. Can a simple blog like this help? Yes. That’s the goal. To help others by writing from the heart, with a sense of wisdom, an ounce or two of truth and an abundance of compassion.

Plus, some sarcastic (often dry) wit thrown in for good measure. Hey, I gotta be me, right? OH….and some Star Trek references too!!!

Everyone has a purpose. It doesn’t have to be a needle in a haystack searching for it. It’s a matter of finding the right path and learning along the way in preparation for that purpose.

Hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to leave comments, ask questions and laugh at my sometimes futile attempts at humor.

Live Long and Prosper – Knees Down, Prayers Up