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Own What You Know

Every Monday I text all three of my kids in a group text.

They’re older now – 31, 25 and 16. I know. Yeah, big age differences. That’s a story for another time.

My youngest just got a phone in August. Each kid had to wait until they were 16 before they got a phone. Now that they each have one, I thought what better way to connect with them at the same time than a group text.

They never reply, so they may not think it’s cool, but I’m MOM so they know that I’ll do it anyway.

Most of the time it’s as simple as “Be blessed and be a blessing this week”. This is a continuation of what I started when they were in school. I think my daughter was in high school at the time. But, I’d try to tell them before they left, “Be blessed and be a blessing.”

I didn’t always succeed. In the hustle and bustle of mornings, I’d forget or they left before I got a chance. But, I’d say it in my heart.


Because they are blessed. We are blessed. We have a roof over our head, clothes on our back, food to eat, cars to drive, beds to sleep in – need I say more?

Some may take those things for granted, but I didn’t want them to do that. I wanted them to recognize that these things should never be taken for granted. I wanted them to appreciate them.

I’d love to say I never do, but come on. No one is perfect. Sometimes I do take these things for granted.

But I always come back to gratefulness.

Own what you know

My kids may not all be under my roof any longer, but I still want them to remember what they were taught. Parents do the best they can based on what they know, how they were taught. I didn’t always do the right thing by them – show me a parent who did – but I did my best.

It took me a long time to recognize that from my own childhood. Parents teach their kids based on what they know, what they were taught and they did their best. For me, I was a latch-key kid of divorced parents. My single mom did the best she could based on what she knew.

I could sit here and tell you all the things she did wrong or didn’t teach me. My kids could do the same about me. BUT….

What I lack doesn’t define me. I learned. I’m a learner. I’m still learning. Never be afraid to try something new is my mantra. 

I am blessed. My kids are blessed. They may not have everything they want in life. Things may not always go their way. People may frustrate or irritate them. Their health may pose challenges sometimes. Bills come and…believe it or not, they do go…eventually. 

But, they are blessed.

They woke up this morning – they are blessed. They still have a roof over their heads – they are blessed. They have money in their pockets/bank accounts – they are blessed. They have jobs – they are blessed. They have clothes on their backs – they are blessed. They have parents and family and friends who love them – they are blessed. They live in a free country – they are blessed. 

I know that. They know that.

So when I texted them yesterday, I included the thought: Own What You Know.

It’s easy to dwell in the negative. It’s easy to get caught up in offenses. It’s easy to embrace the frustrations. And because it’s easy, that can become our mindset. 

But don’t forget what you know: YOU ARE BLESSED. Change the mindset and OWN WHAT YOU KNOW!

Think about it. 

Prayers Up, Knees Down,