Rambling Thoughts of 2020

As a thinker, I am constantly meditating on thoughts and ideas that run through my head. If they become too much, I write/type them out. My drafts folder is filled with numerous posts that have never seen the light of day.

No better time to do some blog-cleaning than the end of the year. The below are just a few of the “starts” I had in 2020. I won’t be publishing them all, but I thought these were worth getting out of my Drafts. 🙂

Only one more post to go after this in 2020. It will be my annual “What’s Your Word?” post. Should be interesting.


Spirit of discontent

Matthew 3:10 – The axe is already laid at the root of the trees; therefore every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

There is a sifting going on within the church. More specifically, the American church.

  • Some will be sifted because the “work” is too difficult.
  • Some will be sifted because they are drawn away by the world.
  • Some will be sifted because they choose to dwell in pain, unforgiveness, bitterness, hatred, anger, pride, self-righteousness.
  • Some will be sifted because they deny the existence of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit – they deny the truth of Scripture.
  • Some will be sifted because of heart-ly doubt.
  • Some will be sifted because of continued impurity. (Note: Matthew 3:8)
  • Some will be sifted because they aren’t willing to ‘take up their cross and follow Him(Note: Matthew 16:24-26)
  • Some will be sifted because they didn’t count the cost
  • Some will be sifted because God isn’t first
  • Some will be sifted because they have a form of godliness, but they deny its power (2 Timothy 3:5


Did God really say…

Social media is a reflection of society.

Society is full of many things. Just some, however, are discontentment, apathy, anger, frustration, hatred, self-righteousness, sadness. Since the time of Adam and Eve, with each generation, society denies the need for God.

I believe we are living in a “Did God really say…..” era.

How? Look around you. Look at your neighbors, co-workers, family members, friends or, better yet, a mirror.

Thoughts are centered around how God:

  • Doesn’t make us feel good enough.
  • Doesn’t make us happy enough.
  • He doesn’t do what we want Him to do.
  • He doesn’t answer prayer.

Or, to put it another way,

  • “Did God really say…” that if we believed in Him that we would be happy and all our troubles would disappear?
  • “Did God really say…” that whatever we pray for, it would happen?
  • “Did God really say…” that we would be rich, famous and everyone would like us?
  • “Did God really say…” the relationship, job, home, neighborhood I am currently in is exactly where I am supposed to be even though I am miserable?
  • “Did God really say that I would have to deal with this pain, grief, disappointment, heartache? Why do I have to deal with this, God? This isn’t fair, God!”

The result? When God doesn’t meet our needs the way WE THINK that He should, we begin to push Him aside and look for other ways to do so.

We want Him to fit into our thoughts and our ways. Even we who are Christians compromise His word. If we don’t like what the word says compared to what the world says, we “make the word” fit our circumstances. We deny the power of His word by not understanding or disregarding context. We fail to pray and seek His face because we’re too busy looking at our own.

In the mirror.


Relationships = Work

A relationship with God takes work.

Life is hard enough without having to work on a relationship with God. Sometimes our earthly relationships fail. Sometimes we get disappointed. Sometimes we feel as though we’re working harder than another person at it and so we don’t see the full benefit or profit.

We don’t want to work hard at relationships even with those we can see, so why would we work at it with one whom we can’t? We don’t want to change, so maybe God can change.

Instead, we want a drive-thru, microwave, give-me-a-coupon for next time kind of god. The only kind of relationships that I know of that exist like that are ones that are transactional. You know, the ones where the customer is always right.

Think about it. We pay (or give) our money in order to GET something in return. Then, when what we receive isn’t up to our satisfaction or standards or….expectations…we balk. We return it expecting that those whom we received it from will FIX IT like we want.

Too often, we approach God with that same mindset.

We spend time with our loved ones because we love them, right? It’s not about – or at least it shouldn’t be about – what we get out of it. It should be about spending time with them because we LOVE them.

Why should it be any different with God?


Christians Ain’t Perfect

“So-called Christians”

I was reading a Facebook post the other day and a commenter used the phrase, “so-called Christians” when talking about people’s behavior during the pandemic. I won’t go into details about the central issue being discussed, but it was a comment that told me more about that person than they realize.

It used to be that when I heard that phrase, I, as a Christian, would get offended and want to fight back. I’d get defensive. Although a small part of me still shakes my head at the phrasing, I understand that there’s more to it than just the wording.

Yet, I keep coming back to one thought – Christians ain’t perfect, so why do people say “so-called Christians”?

Who says Christians are perfect? Maybe some of them act like they are, but nowhere in the bible does it say we Christians are perfect. Last time I checked I’m a sinner, a very flawed individual who doesn’t always walk/talk/act/look right. I’m a work in progress with Jesus as my leader, but I’m prone to disobedience and, dare I say, apathy.

I’m not perfect. Jesus is. He did not sin while He was on this earth. He made atonement for my sins against God (my creator) through the shedding of His blood on the cross because a blood sacrifice was required. And God, the Father, resurrected Him three days later – conquering not only sin, but death too.

I put my faith and hope in Jesus because everything and everyone I’ve put my faith in here on earth has failed me.

Will I speak out when He tells me to speak out against the sin and rebellion that are here on this earth? I hope so. I don’t always do that because I’m afraid of what people will do or say. I’m afraid I won’t always have the answers to their questions, so therefore I shut up.

I’m not a bible scholar. I don’t always make great choices. I’ve screwed up my life and others’ as well more times than I care to admit.


He still loves me as flawed as I am because He knows that I accepted Jesus as my savior, so He sees Jesus in me and says I am HIS.

I’m not perfect. He Is.


Knees down, Prayers Up